10 Items To Bring on a Trek

1. Comfortable hiking shoes are a must.  Make sure to break them in a bit before you go.  REI has great options and they will help you get the right fit for your foot.  Make sure to ask about LOWA, they have proven to be clouds for my feet. 

2.  Moleskin.  Even if you do break in your hiking shoes you will be walking a lot more than you are used to, so these will help prevent blisters if you feel any forming. Find them here. 

3.  Water Purifier.  I recommend investing in a UV light water purifier, they are super convenient and stay charged for long periods of time. I swear by this one! I drank mainly tap water for two and a half months while I was travelling throughout southeast Asia and never got sick, that's how you know it works! 

4.  Portable charger pack.  You will definitely be using your cameras and GoPros a lot during the trek so you want to make sure they are charged up to capture all the epic moments. 

5.  Light Down filled sleeping bag.  It gets COLD in the mountains but you also don't want to be lugging around a heavy sleeping bag, get a cocooned one so there's less material and make sure it's light weight down so it's still super warm.  I had no idea there were so many different types of sleeping bags before I spent some time with Tim at REI in Soho.  You can find REI expert advice online as well right here.


6.  Sanitation wipes for all the females out there.  They will save the hassle of carrying a ton of toilet paper and they can double up as body wipes when you're feeling really dirty.

7.  Layers.  You go from hot to cold and cold to hot more than once during the trek.  Make sure you bring tank tops and long sleeves to layer under a warmer jacket.  A down filled vest is also a great addition if you have room. I lived in my Patagonia base layer zip up!

8.  Brimmed hat to save you from the harsh sun & a beanie to keep you warm in the chilly mornings.

9.  Bug Spray.  You may not use any the first two days but once you get to the Jungle, you'll be glad you brought some.  

10.  Snacks.  I brought a few packets of energy chews and some protein bars from the states.  If you have a big appetite they definitely come in handy and give you a boost of energy when your wearing thin. Also, the have corn snack that I became addicted too, my boyfriend proceeded to tell me they were exactly like corn nuts which I never ate growing up, glad i missed out on those for 25 years....

You can literally find everything you need at REI and the staff is extremely helpful.  There are so many brands to choose from and I have never been steered in the wrong direction with help from REI specialists!  They also provide classes and workshops if you have a particular activity or skill you want more training on.