A Foodie's Weekend in New Orleans

New Orleans was a weekend full of eating and drinking.  We were both so excited about the food scene in the city that we literally planned our days around where we wanted to eat.  As a full disclaimer, I have to thank my friend and former New Orleans resident, Sara Cullen, for all the great food and drink recommendations she gave us!  We were definitely not disappointed, leaving the city with our bellies full and our hearts happy. 

First Stop: Checked into the Ace Hotel New Orleans.  

Brunch: Located in the Bywater area, Elizabeth's is a popular brunch spot in a quirky, yellow home.  We both had the duck waffle:  A cornbread waffle topped with a duck and sweet potato hash. I was a bit naughty and had a spiked coffee.  

Snack: A few hours later we sat at the famous Cafe Du Monde nibbling on beignets and sipping on cafe au laits, while jazz sounds skipped around us emanating from local street musicians.  Located in the heart of the French quarter, the people watching was great and it was easy to wander around the quaint streets after our sugar rush.  I'm not really a deep fried fan but I have to say those beignets were pretty damn delicious.  

Bar #1: We decided to hit up a few bar recommendations and our first stop was the well known Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone in the French quarter.  An old carousel sits in the middle of the first room of the hotel bar and slowly rotates around the small service area in the middle area of the carousel.  It's definitely a fun and quirky place to have a drink. 

  • Cocktail Recommendation: Try the Vieux Carre if you're a whiskey lover!

Bar #2: After wandering around the gorgeous Hotel Monteleone, we walked back over to the warehouse district and found the Roosevelt Hotel, where we cozied up in the Sazerac Bar.  Dim lighting and cozy couches in a spacious cave like atmosphere made for an unique vibe.  The bar was beautiful with a mirror backdrop behind the bar reflecting colorful murals on the walls behind you.  

  • Cocktail Recommendation: Try the official cocktail of New Orleans, The Sazerac (Only appropriate to try it at the Sazerac bar am I right?)  It lives up to all the chatter.

Appetizers: Since we had so many places we wanted to eat and only two days in New Orleans, we decided to have appetizers and dinner at different restaurants.  We headed over to Magazine street and ordered a few (and more drinks) at Coquette.  Located in an adorable stand alone building, a wooden sign hangs outside with "Coquette" carved in black.  The interior of the restaurants transports you back in time to what I imagine the 50s looked like.  Outfitted with mirror lined walls, a dark wooden bar and accents, a white and black tiled floor, with gorgeous chandeliers hanging overhead.  We had the Gulf Shrimp and Chorizo grits and the Catfish dip. 

Dinner:  After regretfully leaving delicious Coquette we headed further away from downtown and into West Riverside where we gleefully too a table at Dick & Jenny's.  One of the cutest restaurants I have had the pleasure of dining at.  There were plates hanging on the walls, twinkling lights hanging outside the window and white tablecloths covering every table in this old white house.  We enjoyed our second plate of shrimp and grits that evening along with a Cajun classic, Bouillabaisse.  Everything was delicious and it was extremely difficult not to order dessert! 


Activities: After brunch in the morning we walked through the residential Bywater neighborhood and into the French Quarter which gave us a sense of how locals lived in New Orleans.  A walk down Bourbon Street at night is definitely a must, it starts in the french quarter and ends across the street from the Warehouse district.  My favorite street was Frenchmen Street, walking along choosing with bar to go listen to music at while all the sounds are emanating from the open windows along the street and into the night.  As we were walking down Frenchmen street, a bunch of younger kids started playing jazz outside in front of a closed up restaurant.  People gathered and we spent a good amount of time listening to them and drinking a beer in the street.  At the end of the night we spent some downtime in ur cozy hotel lobby.

Brunch Round 2:  We went back to Magazine street the next morning and had a wonderful lunch at Atchafalaya, a yellow and brown home on the corner of two quiet streets just off the adorable part of Magazine street.  This was hands down one of the best meals I have ever had.  We ordered the eggs Atchafalaya and the Duck Hash.  They also have a bloody Mary bar, where you can mix your own with a plethora of different ingredients.  The Duck Hash was extremely interesting as it had a mix of duck, hollandaise, blackberries, mangos and potatoes.  It was rich and so incredibly delicious.  

Lunch Round 2:  Before getting on the road again we stopped and picked up a Po'boy sandwich from Cooter Browns.  One of our lovely uber drivers recommended it to us as a local favorite and it was definitely tasty. Cooter Brown's is a no fuss, no frills tavern, pub and grill in the uptown area that is definitely worth the drive.