4 Reasons to Visit Montreal

I have to admit I'm pretty French-Canadian Savvy.  Growing up, we used to visit my grandparents at their home outside the city.  Going into the city was rare, as we spent most of our time running around in the snow or the garden, helping my Hungarian grandmother cook and clean, or spending time helping my grandfather in the cellar.  When they moved into a smaller apartment in the middle of the city, is when I truly realized how unique Montreal is and why it should be on everyone's destination list.  


 1. There are a ton of great restaurants

More and more good places to eat and drink have been popping up in Montreal.  Areas such as Red Burgundy have been gentrified and rejuvenated in the past decade.  After the Lachine canal was restored, hip and trendy restaurants started popping up around the area.  The infamous Joe Beef, cozy and quaint Geppetto's and laid back Burgundy Lion are all on the same block of Rue Notre Dame.  Spanel Crepes is a wonderful place to start your day, work remotely, or cozy up during the winter months. My personal favorites are Barroco with epic cocktails that are created with the theatrics of a play and their sister restaraunt and rustic wine bar, Bocata. There's so many more that I'll need to go back and explore of course!


2. It's cheaper than hopping the pond

and has all the Euro vibes you were looking for. Head down to Old Montreal and you'll be transported to another place.  You'll find the cobblestone Rue Saint Paul is as charming as some streets in France.  Although it's not a large area, there are some great restaurants, bars and a square full of cafes. Creperie Suzette is a personal favorite for fondue along with nautically themed, Dolcetto and Co., great for a summer night meal.  You'll find most locals approach you in french and you can find crepes, great wine, fresh bread, patisseries, and boutiques all over the city.  In addition, Atwater market provides fresh produce for local businesses and residents.


3. The Nightlife is popping

The party scene is going strong. The booze is cheap compared to the rest of Canada and bars don't shut down until 3:00 AM.  Crescent street is where the heart of the action is, so head there on a weekend and take part in a Montreal pub crawl.  Old Montreal has a plethora of cocktail bars and wine bars, with or without music, if you're looking for a more relaxed night out. 

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4. THey have Crazy devoted Fans

If you ever go to a Montreal Canadiens game during play offs, you'll definitely understand how insane and intense the Montreal fans are.  Even when they win during pre-season the city goes crazy.  It's definitely worth going to a game or watching one in a pub while sipping on St. Ambroise, a local brew.