Goodbye Apple of My Eye

We're currently driving across the country and stopping in cities along the way.  When a chapter ends one can't help but to reflect on what the journey has taught them, brought to them or changed in them.  

New York has been too good to me.  I have made great friends that will last a lifetime and spent nights with them that have turned into epic, random adventures. I have seen amazing art, experienced morning runs in central park in the winter with no one around and runs in central park in the summer with everyone and their mothers. I lived through more than one blizzard and I have cried because I was so cold. I have laughed so hard by abs were sore and I fully adopted the social drinking culture.  Of course, being a foodie, I have also eaten really good food along the way.

My last year and eight months in this dynamic jungle of concrete, metal and glass has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. The city caters to all, there is always an activity for anyone.  I have witnessed the good and the bad.  I have experienced how this city comes together for events and celebrations.  And I have experiences the frustration of busy streets and cramped, humid subway cars.

IMG_6829 (1).jpg

Some of my favorite moments while living here have been the most random and unexpected. Running the NYC half marathon was a prominent one.  The energy of the crowd, the amount of people who travelled to the city to participate, running through times square when it was completely empty, cheering on total strangers, all made it the most fun race I have ran.

Another moment was trekking through a blizzard with my best friend and more than enough wine to last a snow in.  There were no cars on the street, everything was so quiet.  Other locals wandering around the streets like the apocalypse was happening.  It was an eerie feeling when the streets are empty in such a busy and crowded place.  When there's no cars in the road in NYC, it catches your attention!


"I love New York, even though it isn’t mine, the way something has to be, a tree or a street or a house, something, anyway, that belongs to me because I belong to it."

-Truman Capote

Lastly, I remember making my way from 33rd street to 78th street in the middle of a summer night, when there was still so much activity and movement.  The energy of the city pulsing through the sky as if the avenues were arteries and the streets were veins giving  Manhattan it's life and then spreading it out to all the other boroughs.  

I will miss the west village with it's charming buildings.  I'll miss meatpacking's cobblestone streets.  I'll miss the Manhattan skyline seen from Brooklyn.  I'll miss my favorite coffee spot near work. I'll miss the local wine store and all the employees that have become friends. I'll miss bodegas and their 24 hour open policy.  I'll miss Seamless and never having to personally do my laundry.  I'll miss taking a cab and chatting with random strangers.  I'll even miss waiting for the subway, with all the other locals, knowing we're in it together, the daily grind, and loving every minute we don't hate it. 

My love affair with NYC really has been a dichotomy between love and hate.  When you first move here and people tell you it's a "love-hate" relationship, you don't truly know what they mean until you have both feelings in a single day and sometimes within hours.  

Anyone who has lived in New York will know what I'm talking about.  You hate being so hot on the subway in the summer you feel like you're melting, while someone's backpack is nudging into your side the entire ride. And the same day, you love getting off work sitting in the park and  drinking wine with your best friend while nibbling on your favorite cheese and watching the sun set through the buildings (Mannhattenhenge anyone?!). Or you hate the snow ruining your hair on the walk to the subway, and once you're waiting for the train you have to take off three layers of clothing so you don't sweat through you're first layer on the way to work. But... You love the feeling when you get off the subway, walk through the snow covered streets, pick up your favorite latte and get to your cozy office, feeling perfectly content.  It's safe to say, a lot can happen in a day!


I'll miss the leaves changing colors in central park.  I'll miss the variety of food options at any given time or in any given area.  I'll miss the wonderful mix of ethnicities and people that come here for the abundance of opportunities the city provides.  I'll miss the hustle.  I'll miss the urgency.  I'll miss the snow covered fire escapes.  I'll miss ice skating in Central Park.  I'll miss City Bakery's hot chocolate.  I'll miss the warm, summer afternoon down pours.  I'll miss the mystery that is Central Park.  I'll miss the insanity that is times square.  I'll miss all the amazing food.  I'll miss the mellow bus ride across town.  I'll miss strolls along Bleecker street. I'll miss wandering amazing museums when it's too cold, or too hot, or just raining. I'll miss the smell of bagels.  I'll miss my tiny apartment.  I'll miss the lady that does my laundry.  I'll miss the friends I've made and the life I have built here.