London: Pubbing Like a Pro

London is full of history around every corner, the smallest streets, the most unassuming buildings all have a story.  That's why I fell in love with pub culture when I was living across the pond. Friends gather to converse over delicious pints usually without any distraction except meeting . Some get rowdy, others are mellow. Below are some of my personal favorites.


"Beer, the cause of, and solution to, all life's problems." -Homer Simpson

The Swan (Local Favorite)

  • Location: Hammersmith and Fulham
  • A corner pub near the Hammersmith & Fulham tube and bus station, the Swan is truly a neighborhood gem. Multiple corners and nooks create a cozy feeling in the main area. There's big windows surrounding the exterior and a pull down a big screen near the bar to stream big games. 

 The Dove (Quaint and quiet)

  • Borough: Hammersmith & Fulham 
  • Right on the Thames, this pub is brilliant in the summer with a large outdoor patio to watch boats and rowers.  During the winter it's super cozy as it has a central stone fireplace that roars all season.  Separating the the outdoor and indoor portions is a greenhouse portion that in the summer provides sunlight and in the winter months is covered in frost. 

The Dog & Duck (Cool and chill)

  • Location: Soho
  • A very small and narrow pub with a few tables in the back, it's a piece of British history as it was originally built in 1734 and the interior hasn't been changed since 1897.  It's quintessentially British and extremely cozy.  There's normally a bunch of people standing next to outside sipping on beer. 

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (The oldest!)

  • Location: Westminster
  • This pub is one of London's most famous and never misses a top 10 pub list.  With it's 4 stories (each has it's own bar) there's a bunch to explore.  When you walk into the creeky, crooked, dark and dreery three story building it seems like your stepping into 12 Grimmald Place (Anyone Harry Potter fans out there?).  The lower, dimly lit vaults underground are full of inlets to grab a seat, a beer and a bite.  The upper stories have dozens of rooms to explore and historical relics line the narrow, dark hallways.  The upper floors were built in the 17th century and the lower level predates them!

The Audley (Chic and trendy)

  • Location: Mayfair
  • A chicer pub than most and located in one of London's most posh areas, The Audley still has all the history a british pub would have.  Originally The Bricklayers Arms established in 1730, it was rebuilt in 1888 as The Audley.  With a striped facade, oil paintings on the walls, and crystal chandeliers hanging above the wooden bar and red velvet booths, it serves great pub fare and is a wonderful place to spend a night with friends. 

The Mayflower (Old, unique and out of the way)

  • Location: Rotherhithe
  • The Mayflower is a unique and interesting British pub, associated with the famous Mayflower ship, which was left and returned to the docks of Rotherhithe, it's located right on the Thames.  It's a living cabinet of curiosities with trinkets lining the walls and tall white candles collecting melting wax down their sides.  Although far away he downstairs and upstairs are filled with quirky booths perfect for cuddling up in the winter and in the summer the patio is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon on the Thames. Located on a quiet residential street, it's unassuming and off the radar makes it quite a find for visitors.  It also has great, unique pub fare.

The Chelsea Potter (The perfect London pub)

  • Location: Chelsea
  • The Chelsea Potter Pub is located on the infamous King's Road, which used to be King Charles II private road to his castle at Kew.  In 1872 the pub was re-named after a ceramicist who founded the Chelsea arts pottery.  Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger along with the Rolling Stones used to frequent the pub in the roaring 60s.  There are British flags lining the windows, cute picnic tables for outdoor seating, with tall booths with surrounding windows. 

The Lamb & Flag (Popular and social)

  • Location: Covent Garden
  • This Georgian pub in the heart of Covent Garden is found at the intersection of two small alleys is the former heart of Charles Dickens.  This unique establishment is in pretty much every London guidebook.  With old world charm, quaint, dark spaces, amazing food and a great outdoor space, it's always packed with people standing outside in the small courtyard. 

The Marylebone (Modern and chic)

  • Location: Marylebone
  • A modern version of the ordinary, located in the heart of Marylebone it's a great spot to take a break from wandering in and out of all the cute shops including the famous Daunt Books, Rococo Chocolates, and La Fromagerie.  Sleek wooden tables, stone countertops and industrial lighting make up this swanky space. 


Blackfriar's Pub

  • Location: Westminster

Two Brewers 

  • Location: Windsor

The Phene

  • Location: Chelsea

The Hawley Arms

  • Location: Camden

Three Greyhounds

  • Location: Soho

John Snow

  • Location: Soho