Spotlight: Ace Hotel New Orleans

The Ace Hotel New Orleans recently opened in early 2016 and is a hipster paradise located in the artsy Warehouse District of New Orleans.  The front doorway is lined with lush green plants that lead into the renovated art deco building.  A bright red sign reading "hotel" is the only indicator that room and board is available on the street. 


We arrived on a Saturday evening to find the hotel lobby packed with locals and visitors alike, jamming to the sound of a live band coming from the event space near the Lobby bar.  I had never seen a hotel so packed, and clearly a Saturday night out destination.  The hotel has truly created a communal space where visitors and tourists can coexist while sipping a coffee, dancing, or clinking drinks.  The Ace has successfully connected with the New Orlean's community and it celebrates the cultural diversity and rich history of New Orleans in a unique way.


The hotel also offers many amenities from the attached restaurant that serves Italian fare with a southern twist to the rooftop that offers a green oasis above the city in addition to a very large Stumptown Coffee Roaster (which I was personally excited about coming from NYC) off the lobby bar.  


Each hotel room is spacious and is equipped with an adorable retro Smeg fridge, the most witty snack tray ever and palm reading inspired notepads that lay next to a stapled, small, paper pamphlet with directions on how to concoct various cocktails using the ingredients from the in-room bar.  The windows were not quite floor to ceiling, but still significantly huge, with views overlooking the warehouse district. The staff was great, and the hotel had everything you would ever need, it's definitely highly recommended for travelers who like new, quirky experiences and inspiring, well designed spaces!